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What is Structural Steel Used For
Time:05 Aug 2022 15:04

Steel has many uses in the modern world, but the application most associated with it is in construction. It is one of the most vital materials used in building, favoured for several reasons, the main being its versatility, relatively low production cost, high strength, sustainability and availability.

Structural steel is categorised into shapes, each with their own compositional properties that are regulated by standards which differ between different countries.

Structural steel is an incredible resource for building and construction. Reliable and versatile, there are many reasons it is so widely used across the entire globe. What it used for?

What Is Structural Steel Used For?

• Steel staircases

• Steel decking

• Steel awnings & shelters

• Steel mezzanines

• Steel balustrades

• Steel gazebos

• Custom steel frames

• Steel ladder fabrication

• Steel handrails

• Steel walkways and platforms


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