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ADTO GROUP’S 20th Anniversary and New Year Ceremony of 2019
Time:30 Aug 2018 14:44

On the afternoon of January 24, 2019, the 20th Anniversary & New Year Ceremony of ADTO GROUP with the theme of “New Mission & New Future” was grandly held in the Beichen Intercontinental Hotel of Changsha. Nearly 500 members, including staff of the group, industry leaders and guests, and domestic & overseas customer representatives, attended the ceremony.

The ceremony opened with the solemn national anthem of People’s Republic of China. President of ADTO GROUP made a speech on the theme of “New Mission & New Future”. In the speech, he pointed out the disadvantages of the traditional development model of enterprises, such as the regional development, single running, old-fashioned marketing methods, and low utilization rate of idle assets.etc. He also introduced the new model of ADTO GROUP in the speech. Designed with the concept of “Consolidation & Share”, the new model integrated with the innovated information technology such as Internet, IOT, and Big Data, has the advantages of Interconnections, Shared Data, and Digital Marketing.etc. The new model creates a new international marketing ecosystem which can help the enterprises do international trade easily and realize the exponential growth. He mentioned that the development of ADTO's new cause of IOT is the New Mission of ADTO GROUP in 2019, and hoped to cooperate with more enterprises to create a New Future.

On the spot, President You signed the commitment letter of business target challenge with three leaders who in charge with three different business sectors. The sales staffs and the backbone of production vowed on the stage that they will spare no efforts to complete the challenge goals in 2019.

At the mean time, the strategic partnership signing ceremony was grandly held on the spot. The oversees customers from Nigeria, Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam.etc. signed a sales agency agreement with ADTO GROUP. The excellent domestic factories signed a cooperation agreement with ADTO IOT. The above-mentioned two parties will set up a joint venture to open international market jointly. Excellent products such as plywood formwork, stainless steel fasteners, waterproof materials, clamp, and integrated water heater will settle in the ADTO IOT platform.

On the ceremony, the group’s outstanding employees, marketing elites, excellent teams has been commended and awarded. What was worth mentioned was that the Ms. Jiang Qiu from international trade center of the group was awarded with the “The Special Award from President” due to hers highest annual performance and excellent leaderships.

The cultural show began with a magnificent “Drum Dancing”. Each department of group presented a carefully choreographed program. There are various types of programs, such as songs and dances, stage plays, yoga performances and choral performances, as well as team shows. The scenes may be gentle, shock, humor or touching, and each scene seems to tell the story of ADTO people. There are also rich Colorful live lucky draw interactions during the ceremony. All people shared happiness and luck together in the ceremony.

With the passing of time, the 20th Anniversary of ADTO GROUP and the Annual Meeting of the New Year 2019 came to a ending. It is an unforgettable night for all ADTO people. In the future, every ADTO people will adhere to the core value of “Honesty, Innovations, Share, and Win-win”, consistently improving the core competitiveness of enterprises, actively seeking new breakthrough on scaffolding & aluminum formwork, vigorously developing the new career of ADTO IOT, to create a bright future for ADTO GROUP collectively. 


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